Writing… Once again.

Hello Everyone!

Well, it has been almost three years since I last wrote here. I have been renewing the domain and keeping the hosting active just because, deep inside, I always knew I would start writing again. Many things happened in these past three years, I’ve moved to the US, graduated with a Masters’ degree in Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence and now am currently looking for employment here in the US. Some of my philosophies might have also changed, overall there has been some growth due to various experiences I’ve gained through all the travelling and course taking.  The West + East in WEAST has become quite West geographically, but I believe in spirit the content will be very WEast-y.

What have I been doing?

Due to my super busy schedule during the whole Masters period (thanks to projects, seminars etc) I wasn’t able to find much time to write, play Games, watch Anime or read Manga. However, I wasn’t completely devoid of the joys of these activities. I was playing games at the University’s Game Clubs, watching Anime in the Anime Club, Reading manga by renting them from Libraries, and writing 1000+ word articles for my courses on a regular basis. I could not find time, to actually sit and put my thoughts to words on the internet. I was busy mostly doing the same thing, in the offline world, in my head.

Now that my schedules look a bit different, I am planning to do things differently, with no restrictions, with no preset goals from someone that is not me. Giving me chance to put my thoughts to words, on any topic I can imagine.

What to expect?

However, I will start off  by posting articles that I wrote for my Game Studies Colloquium class, a course in Digital Media Studies department. The class allowed me to looking at games from a completely new perspective; the Academic side of games; where people actually write their PhD. dissertations on Video Game topics. The course exposed me to the deeper meaning of “game” and took me on a trip through time showing how the medium kept changing, ideas started forming. A really interesting course filled with great assignments and great seminars. Deconstruction of games like Silent Hill and Majora’s Mask were super fun, discussing with people who love games just as much as you do.

Maybe something unexpected?

One post from the Game Studies assignments will be posted every week and in between, I will try to keep writing new articles. I will not be able to continue the Endurance Run for Final Fantasy as the PS2 is back at home in India, that thing was cut short unexpectedly thanks to… well, life.  There a lot of things to talk about, hopefully I will cover as much as possible, in the coming posts. Also, thanks to 3 years of “mostly tweeting”, it will be interesting to see if my writing style has changed. Wonder if  this will bring some variety, of a different kind.


Videogame Thinker and Tinkerer

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