What does Kratos mean? Part I

Well I’ve finally seen the new “Epic Scale” trailer for God of War 3 and I was just blown away! just this CG trailer, but using what could be MGS4 style in-game graphics for the cutscenes, made you feel like you are about to go into something HUGE!, GINORMOUS!, LARGER THEN LIFE! experience and that […]

Naruto Databook 3 Analysis II

Okay, lets keep up with the analysis of data? That sounded weird, anyhoo if you missed the first part then click here. Also, remember we are still using the skill chart for reference as to some of the conclusions. Okay? OK. * Pain must be ridiculously powerful, maybe the strongest ninja in the Naruto universe. […]

Gears Of War 2: Anime Or Gay Friendly?

Well, recently the Gears of War media machine has released the spiritual successor to “Mad World” trailer and it feels like a too emo variation of the predecessor. This one, for Gears of War 2, is titled: “Last Day”. I don’t know, it doesn’t ring with me like Donnie Darko did and hence the “Mad […]

Naruto Databook 3 Analysis I

So, user Agrias over at Mangahelpers was nice enough to upload some scans of this book. For anyone who doesn’t know, Databooks are a common class of books published by many mangas (specially long running ones) in which the creative team of that manga put out vital and/or non-vital statistics concerning characters, events, backgrounds, consequences, […]

Why The Dragon Ball Movie Will Break My Heart I

Well as and when I find more details trickling out on the web or by any other means, about the Dragon Ball live action movie, I’ll keep posting them on this “mini blog” series. Here is the first of “X”. According to the new post on Kotaku, I just keep finding more and more reasons […]

Behind The Scenes Look At Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

They say that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, from the looks of it Shaba Games wants the heartbroken fans of the Spider-Man videogames to feel that’s still true. No doubt that the story of the Spider-Man franchise in the history of gaming is a long and convoluted one. It has had it’s up’s […]

Alone in The Dark… Looks and sounds GREAT!!

After watching 1Up’s interview with Atari’s Phil Harrison on the upcoming the upcoming Alone in The Dark… I have to say I’m impressed. So this interview with new Supreme Overlord of Atari, Phil Harrison, has really gotten me excited on the future of the Alone in The Dark game… with also a possible rebirth of […]

MGS4… Bringing it HARD!!

Really not much to say but rather show, in the midst of all the GTA IV love (it’s “supadupa” great… we get it) MGS4 is also wanting to say: “Hey! We’re here too.” They begun what I’m l thinking is gonna be a huge P.R. (Public Relations) month or in other words: “Try to sell […]