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ROM: The Beginning

Editor’s Prologue to ROM (EPROM) My memories of my childhood, from my childhood. Reetesh’s Old Memoirs (ROM) will be a […]

Destiny And The Self

Destiny Arrives This was the first time ever I got to buy a console at launch, so I got myself […]

All the World’s a Game

Being involved with the same phenomenon for the longest of time, makes one see most things analogous to that particular […]

The Objects of Driver: SF

Instead of breaking down the story elements and discussing the finer points of Driver: San Francisco, which I would like […]

The Closed Eyes

A good trend in recent games is the short, narrative oriented, experience plays. Games that a player can finish in […]

Karmic Cloud Atlas

I have not read the book, but right after watching Cloud Atlas’ trailer for the first time, I knew I […]