Final Fantasy XII Endurance Run : Intro

I’ve played many games, but somehow.. in all these 18years of gaming, I never managed to sit down and play one whole final fantasy, I’ve not played a “jRPG” either. The only experience I’ve had with em is Kingdom Hearts, which many consider to be a “action adventure game” more than a “RPG’. After a lot of asking around, friends suggested that I make “FF XII” (out of choices I had) the first RPG I play.
This is how I feel

Right now, I’m in Vacation land and this is the place where I get to just disconnect from everything and sit down and play some games!1! and do crazy stuff, you know.. like marathons. I’m planning on sitting for ATLEAST 5 hours everyday and try to complete it before my vacation ends (till July 1st). The only thing I know is that its around 70 whole hours long, lets just hope my meandering ways dont stretch it!

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  • This is my first JRPG

    This means that I will probably have all these moments where I will be like “Why is everything so slow” and other gameplay remarks that maybe the rpg lovers out here might clear it up. Also, you can maybe see a bit of your own first experience in it :P

  • I love Anime

    As much as I love games, I’ve also seen bazillion anime’s out there. One of the main reasons I wanted to sit and play was that I thought “jRPGs should be ask interesting as Anime, its the same thing if you remove the gameplay, right?” Also, I think a really long, conclusive story based experience with the same set of stereotypes that animes have should be more satisfying than a 10+ year experience that never ends.

  • Stupid commentaries

    Also, I will be making all those “I’ve seen this in that anime” “This is sooo formulaic” and such comments, like the ones found in the Matirx 10th ann BluRay (Critic’s audio stream) but ofcourse.. will try to make it more fun and interesting than the “Scenes with fires should be Baaannned’ that they had in that thing :P

  • I never take the right path

    I have this habit of never traversing through the intended path, first. When I am left with the camera facing one way after a cutscene, I always go to the other direction first and then go to the intended path. This usually leaves me wasting time trying to get impossible things done.

  • I’m an Indian!

    Ah, the minority card! well, I am not selling myself just by saying that I am from a different country than most people or anything like that. All I know is that this thing has a good amount of references to Hindu Mythology and other stuff like that. I’ve heard that Shiva is supposed to be in these… he’s a summon, and a she and a BIKE? INFIDEL!! Well, I dont know anything for sure, and I wont be going all N’gai and saying “Obviously, No Indian worked on this game”. But I will surely have SOMETHING to say about those. So you get to hear how that Indian dude felt about calling Gods out to help everynow and then.. maybe something like a Greek dude feeling awesome that he can summon the powers of Zeus and Titans in various God of war games :P

Well, thats how I am going to.. WRITE this stuff.. yeah, sorry if you expected this “endurance run” to be something like the infamous endurance runs at Giantbomb. Also, I am pretty sure half of you reading might not make it to the end of every post..I have this tendency of effortlessly reaching char limits. I dont know if its my typing speed or my continuously rambling mind, but it just happens like that.

I will be writing on from tomorrow after every play session.. lets see how this experiment goes, I wil be linking all future posts to the FF XII board. I mean this thing is not even half of what you have to read through when you play the game right? Shouldnt be a problem I guess :D

Here’s to hoping that I can actually make myself decide on a plan and do things accordingly!

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