FFXII ER : The First Encounter

So, today was the big day! The day when I finally started playing my first ever FINAL FANTASY game! Boy was a good experience! Played for 6 hours straight! First let me tell you the reason for my poorly drawn images I was actually looking for some wallapers and screens so that I could use […]

Final Fantasy XII Endurance Run : Intro

I’ve played many games, but somehow.. in all these 18years of gaming, I never managed to sit down and play one whole final fantasy, I’ve not played a “jRPG” either. The only experience I’ve had with em is Kingdom Hearts, which many consider to be a “action adventure game” more than a “RPG’. After a […]

What does Kratos mean? Part I

Well I’ve finally seen the new “Epic Scale” trailer for God of War 3 and I was just blown away! just this CG trailer, but using what could be MGS4 style in-game graphics for the cutscenes, made you feel like you are about to go into something HUGE!, GINORMOUS!, LARGER THEN LIFE! experience and that […]

Killzone 2 MP.. has got problems.

In the previous post , I covered the good features of KZ2’s MP, now lets get to the part which really bugged me. In fact, I started writing about the MP only because I wanted to mention how some implementations in the game thwarted its chances of becoming one of the best possible MP experiences. […]

Killzone 2’s MP : The Good stuff

Not many times do you get advantages for being a weastfellow, the release of Killzone 2 was one of those rare occasion. The game released 2 weeks “before” the worldwide release date, allowing me and many other Indians to enjoy the game before most of the world, and, for a cheaper price! (50 USD) The […]

Gears Of War 2: Anime Or Gay Friendly?

Well, recently the Gears of War media machine has released the spiritual successor to “Mad World” trailer and it feels like a too emo variation of the predecessor. This one, for Gears of War 2, is titled: “Last Day”. I don’t know, it doesn’t ring with me like Donnie Darko did and hence the “Mad […]

Tapping to the beats : “Rhythm Tengoku Gold” Review

Not too long ago, the guys behind “WarioWare” games released a funky GBA Rhythm game, “Rhythm Tengoku” (literally meaning “Rhythm Heaven” in English). The game really did turn out to be a sort of “heaven” for fans of rhythm games with its funky levels, comical characters and very simple gameplay. It was definitely a memorable […]

Diwali crackers and Otaku-ness

*The Occasion Its Diwali time once again in India, and everyone is busy buying sweets and crackers (thats what we call fireworks here, not something that polly would want). Its India’s festival of lights where people of all ages have fun blasting crackers the whole night. Little kids with sparklers and plastic guns that blast […]

Getting ‘yer booty off PSN : A Huge Pain.. in ‘yer booty

[UPDATE] Just now I finished download the game for the nth time.. this time the “current went off” only twice throughout the download, although I expected it to not work like all the previous times. I was staring at the “loading please wait” screen that comes before the installation starts(after which the error is usually […]

Halo 3 Secret ODST update?

UPDATE 2 The game has been officially Announced, and it will be called “Halo 3:Recon” and yes, the game will infact be based on the ODST. It will be a tactical shooter, no Idea if its Third Person or First person, will have emphasis on “Stealth”. The game will release with new maps and some […]